We Fall – Game for GGJ 2012 (English)

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I’m prodly presenting the “We Fall” game that developed in Global Game Jam (GGJ) 2012 – Famagusta Eastern Mediterranean University JamSite by me and Aram Azhari.

Game Link For Download and Details: http://globalgamejam.org/2012/we-fall


Actually it’s not a game, it’s a toy. No score, no competition. Player is a “falling star” through a coloful vortex with leaving trace in universe. After 10 falling, there is a sweet suprise waitin for the player. We hope everyone enjoys with the toy we produce within 48 hours. Just with last minute improvements, there is some sort of camera errors, but generally it’s done. Uploading the real “thing” what we dreamed in first second of “universe and eternity” idea bring to us.

We decide and start to prepare much developed version already with a lot suprise inside of it, hopfully you will be able to play that version sooner…


The topic of GGJ 2012 was “Ouroboros” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouroboros

It is snake eating its own tail. It is also the symbol of Eternity, Cycle of life,death and rebirth and also the galaxies. Our game presents the idea of a ray trail that comes back to its tail, The idea of infinity and the galaxy.

You can download the toy and play. Let us know if you had a feeling.

/*Off the record, we tried our toy on Android, iPhone and Mac and it looks amazing… ;)*/

Idea: Aram Azhari and Baris Parlan
Programming: Aram Azhari
Graphics: Baris Parlan
Music and Sound Effects: Aram Azhari

Barış Parlan

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We Fall – Game for GGJ 2012 (English)

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