digiTale Journey

I’ve been working on digiTale Journey since 2018 while putting my whole life experience and intellectual accumulation in it. This is an only 10-minute recording of total (currently) 80-minute artwork that includes selections from TED Talks, music, video clips, movie scenes and many others in digital format. I’m looking for opportunities to enrich journeys’ content, add more sequences and perform it live. I fully support and Remix Culture / Culture Jamming.

digiTale Journey – First ten minute Demo for Buffer Fringe Festival, 2019

Buffer Fringe 2019

In Buffer Fringe 2019 festival I will present 30-minute fringe version of digiTale Journey, specificly focusing on #borders, #war, and #peace topics. In live show visuals are different.

Borders – Small footage example that I create for digiTale Journey, raw video file without live editing. carries huge importance to express the problems we are experiencing about the medium of the art we have been dealing with. Originality, ownership, etc. are quite problematic in nowadays world & technology. The particular video stands as a quite simple example actually: Original music composed by Hans Zimmer. Patrick re-arrange it and played on the piano. Photographs are shot buy more than 30 different photographers, within +50 years timeline. Uğur collage all those photographs in photoshop. Benjamin Zander gave an amazing TED Talk about the importance of Classical Music. So In the story that I wanna have, I use all those elements and create a whole new dimension as art. How will we separate intellectual property in this scenario? is quite a hard question to answer. And advert based model supported copyright model is absolutely not our answer, it is artificially created idea that just 80 years old…