Visual Voices Artist in Residence Program 2019

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We are beyond excited to share a deeper look into the Visual Voices residency program through the “Falling walls – Looking Through Conflict Narratives in Cyprus” project. Together with young Cypriot artists, we explore the impact of conflict narratives and the importance of creating space for dialogue between communities in support of the positive social change.

“On the one hand, the walls that we build within ourselves obstruct communication with one another; on the other hand, both the internal and external walls that countries build between them and others drift people apart.” Ebru ÖzTürk, resident artist.

Whether internally or externally imposed, it is important to challenge division. Visual Voices believes in the transformative power of art and seeks to support young visual artists from communities affected by violent conflict. We believe that such artistic expression contributes to a larger peacebuilding dialogue and promotes positive social change. Supporting a new community of artist-activists, we seek to challenge existing conflict narratives by creating space for peace-supporting narratives to develop.

We hope you enjoy the video. Special thanks to Civic Space / Sivil Alan, Allianz Kulturstiftung, Goethe-Institut Zypern, Alev Adil, Asli Bolayir, Zahra 11, and the resident artists Barış Parlan, Pırıl Torgut, Münü Ağagil, Mehmetemin Insan Yıldızçoban, Ebru ÖzTürk.

We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more project updates coming soon!

Visual Voices 2019

Falling Walls – Looking Through Conflict Narratives in Cyprus funded by Allianz Kulturstiftung

Barış Parlan

I'm an earthling named Barış Parlan. Natural born curious and critical which evolved into a nerd digital storyteller. Ph.D. candidate of remix theory within digital humanities. Technology consultant, graphic designer, VJ (visual-jockey), artist. #science #futurism #cyberpunk #criticaltheory #anarchy

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Visual Voices Artist in Residence Program 2019

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